Dear brothers and sisters! All Saints Orthodox Church located in Fargo, ND, needs your financial assistance very much. We ask for your prayers and financial help. Please make your checks payable to AllSaints Mission (ROCOR) send your checks to the following address:

2415 Broadway N, Fargo, ND, 58102

We are also pleased to inform you that with the blessing of the Father Rector of the All Saints Church (Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area), Archpriest Vasily, a special-purpose account “PayPal” was created, intended exclusively for receiving donations for the Temple. With the help of this payment system you can now make all possible assistance and support the church at any time convenient for you, with any amount, anywhere. The funds will be used exclusively for the church needs. At the end of the year, the donors will be provided with an official statement that can be used to confirm the costs incurred for charity for the purpose of obtaining a tax deduction.

Let’s remember that Church always prays for the builders, benefactors and donors of the churches. The Lord accepts our donations made selflessly, without demanding anything in return, but solely out of love for Him, and blesses us, and through us – also our families.

Addressing all people of goodwill, we ask you to render all possible help to the church, because at the present time it especially needs help in the absence of a permanent priest. It does not matter how much you can donate. Any amount will be an invaluable contribution to the good work of preserving and decorating the church. Remember that without your donations, the church will not be able to provide for its existence and will not be able to carry out divine services.

For anyone who decides to respond to a request and contribute, the link to the “PayPal” wallet is shown below.


Please remember, brothers and sisters, that despite the fact that the reconstruction and repair works for the temple are almost complete, we still need a number of liturgical objects, household items, and, most importantly, to provide an absolute minimum of living to attract, even the most modest and humble priest. No one except you can preserve the legacy of our humble but friendly parish.

We thank all the donors!

Save You Christ!

Parish Council of the Church in honor of All Saints. City of Fargo (Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area, Red River Valley, North Dakota – Minnesota), June 2017.