Next service with a priest will be officiated on April 20, 2019.
Date Day Service time
All services from Lazarus Saturday to Pascha will be ministered by the priest.
April 20 Lazarus Saturday Hours and Liturgy 09.00 АМ
Vespers 5.00 PM
April 21 Palm Sunday Hours and Liturgy 10.00 AM
April 25 Reminiscence of the Last supper Holy Thursday Hours and Liturgy 10.00 AM
April 26 Reminiscence of The  Holy Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Holy Friday Vespers and the carrying of the shroud 5.30 PM
April 27 Holy Saturday Hours and Liturgy 09.00 AM
Reading, Acts 10.00 PM
Paschal Мidnight office 11.30 PM
April 28. Pascha. Holy Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Pascha (Easter).  Cross procession, Paschal Matins, Liturgy.

After the service blessing of Easter cakes and eggs



Great Easter Vespers 3.00 PM
May 11 (with priest) Saturday Morning prayers, confession, Hours and Liturgy 08.00 AM