Permanent schedule

Permanent schedule

Message from Father Rector Vasuly:

Dear brothers and sisters of the All-Saints Church in the city of Fargo, North Dakota!

Few years ago, we have consolidated our efforts and all together restored and preserved our All-Saints Church from the deconstruction and closure. Each second Friday-Saturday I was visiting Fargo and offering regular Divine services, while on Sundays there were regular typica services provided by a reader. With God’s help, from now on, there will be a regular priest, father Joseph Towne, serving at this parish, for the time period until the end of the year.

Here is the schedule of the Divine services:
Every Saturday, there will be a Vigil, starting at 5pm.
Every Sunday, there will be hours and confessions at 8am followed by the Divine Liturgy, starting at 9am.

All official administrative responsibilities will be carried by myself, while father Joseph Towne will be only a serving priest. For all questions please contact me by the phone number (248) 764 0236 or by my email address:

More details and additional information can be found on the website of the All-Saints Church:

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