New Priest and changes in the schedule

New Priest and changes in the schedule

Dear brothers and sisters,

we are glad to announce the arrival of a new priest to the Fargo city on October 17, 2017. The priest will perform the services on a regular basis until Fr. Vasil returns from the treatment. Along with the regular services you may ask the priest to perform private ceremonies such as weddings, baptizings, blessing of icons, crosses, cars, houses, etc., commemorational services etc.

Standard time for the services is the following:

Saturday: 5.00 PM – All-night Vigil;

Sunday: 9.00 – Morning prayers, Confessions, Hours; 10.00 – Divine Liturgy

Church feasts on the work days (preliminary) : 8.00 – Morning prayers, Confessions, Hours; 9.00 – Divine Liturgy.

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