Dear brothers and sisters, our priest, Archpriest Vasily needs your help!

Dear brothers and sisters, our priest, Archpriest Vasily needs your help!

Dear brothers and sisters!

Our father, Archpriest Vasil, needs an urgent surgery.
Father Vasil did a lot for our church, he worked hard and spent a lot of time and energy for us. Now it’s our turn to help Father Vasil.

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Our father Archpriest Father Vasyl has been seriously ill for several years.

In 2014 he underwent surgery to put in the middle ear implant (by Dr. Steven Harvey in Froedtert Hospital, 9200 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53226). After this operation Fr. Vasyl’s life became unbearable – a constant piercing squeak in the ears, headaches and dizziness, problems with balance, insomnia. A repeat operation performed by the same doctor 7 months later showed that the implant that was put in was of the wrong size. Moreover, during the second operation, the implant itself as well as other elements of the middle ear, including the branch of the auditory nerve, were damaged. Father’s state of health deteriorated catastrophically – the noise in his ears became louder and unbearable, in addition to memory failures, loss of orientation and balance. In recent days, numbness of the scalp and lower face, left arm and leg, and pain in the heart started happening.

Specialists from eight other clinics that Fr. Vasyl consulted, ruled out the possibility of further surgical intervention. And only the famous Russian ENT surgeon Professor Hasan Diab, having studied the history of Fr. Vasyl’s disease, does not see the situation as hopeless and is ready to try to replace the wrong implant.

Further treatment in Moscow will be possible for Fr. Vasyl if we all help him. Flight to Russia, examination, surgery and postoperative rehabilitation – all this will require significant expenses.

We appeal to all those who care about the fate of our priest as he is required an immidiate surgery.

Fr. Vasyl is a tireless worker, generous, sincere servant of God, His Church and people. In addition to the Holy Trinity Church, he helped create and is taking care of several more parishes in other states, for example, in Fargo, North Dakota. He drives 18 hours twice a month to conduct services there.

Members of the Parish Council of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Milwaukee and Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Valery Chekanov, MD, PhD, DSc.

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